Kim Wayman is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. This sultry New York City chanteuse began her career as a solo artist in 2001. Since then, she has been called one of the best artists to look out for in 2014.


Influenced by Surrealism, primarily its early experimentation with words, Kim's stark arrangements, lyrical turn of phrase, and raw, soulful delivery combine her love of organic, analog and orchestral sound with her affinity for electronica and pop—in the vein of Radiohead, Goldfrapp, and Björk among other artists.


After studying theater, music and fine art, Kim first came to attention as the lead singer of alternative rock duo Little Kitten Space Girl formed with Sean Evans in 2003.


Kim is a featured artist and collaborator of Grammy Award nominated Télépopmusik and co-wrote several songs for their next highly anticipated album. In 2010 Télépopmusik released the EP single "Ghost Girl" featuring Wayman. "Ghost Girl" is the first song Kim wrote with Télépopmusik and was included on the Air France Compilation "In The Air" and later licensed by Peugeot worldwide.


Kim also garnered high praise for "UNCLUBBED 2," released in September 2011, which saw her team with post-nightlife compilers Unclubbed to recreate one of the sexiest songs on earth. Kim tackled both the iconic '70s anthem "I Feel Love," as well as the album's first single, "We Are the People," on this re-imagined selection of dance classics.


Her work has earned her raves from a number of critics. Here's a sampling:


• "Kim Wayman’s voice is at once timeless and futuristic, ethereal and impassioned. This seemingly innocent kitten has long sharp claws that will unexpectedly hook and drag you into her world and you will not fight it…a quiet whisper becomes a heavy weight hook" —Scenic NYC


• "Awash with dreamy electronica and laden with melody…it's all delicious stuff, and you just can't help but fall in love with that voice." — Reverb Magazine


• “Little Kitten Space Girl’s lo-fi futurism will lure you into surreal electronic textures transmitted from another plane inhabited by an army of a voice just delicate enough to weave an other-worldly house of cards, yet powerful enough to blow it to smithereens" —Dolby Laboratories


In 2007 after Little Kitten Space Girl disbanded, Kim was recruited by indie rock veteran Vudi for the musical art project Clovis De La Foret to lend her talents to select recordings and performances at SXSW. Clovis honed their craft at Daniel Lanois' famed Teatro Studio in Oxnard California with renowned engineer/producer Mark Howard.


Returning to New York, Kim headlined a monthly residency at Art Salon, a Warholian SoHo party featuring artists from around the world.


For Blow Up Hollywood's 2011 album Collections, Kim performed "Slow Down, Kitty Kite," and performed and co-wrote "Crash" as well.


Kim is currently selecting songs for a full-length album, several videos/musical short films. She is also a rotating cohost/performer on Niteshift WBAI 99.5 FM WBAI.ORG.


To listen to Kim's self-released EP, please visit:




Twitter: @kimwayman